Our Clients

Our clients are global consultancies and local estate agents, Scandinavian tech firms, British corporate behemoths and whip-smart consultants.

As much as they differ in size and in purpose, our clients want, and get, the same thing: an open, collaborative relationship and words which explain, involve, and inspire.

Speech writing for Westmill Foods' CEO. Vision and purpose statements for British Sugar.
We defined a Tone of Voice for BMW's UK sales staff, and then trained their people to use it.
Proposition development, brand definition and sales narrative.
We've written for almost every function and service line of this Big Four global consultancy.
Messaging, training and digital copy for an elite City law firm.
Mixing creative flair and mastery of technical detail, we named chipsets and business divisions for the mobile infrastructure specialist.
Defining brand positions, writing corporate communications and translating complicated strategies into human language.
Speechwriting, blogging and presentations for the CEO and other board members of the £40 billion FMCG giant.
Complete top-to-bottom rewrite of an enormous website.
Naming of product categories and products. Conceptual and brand writing for business-to-business divisions.
The Vietnamese/British furniture brand is an insurgent in the Far East. They needed quality brand writing to take them to the next level.
Very carefully-chosen words to get prospects to convert to sales in the gaming market.
Tone of Voice and training on how to use it. Digital copy.
Positioning, expression and script writing for leading brands.

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